Litigation with the Tax Administration

Lovisolo & Partners pay particular attention to the relationship between the Tax Administration and the tax payer, acting as consultants in any problems that may arise from: requests of clarification through ordinary or extraordinary procedures, request for refunds and assistance in the case of Tax inspections, audits and tax assessments.

The vast experience in dealing with the Tax Administration has given the firm the opportunity to develop a intuitive sensibility and understanding to conciliate the interests of the Tax Administration and the client, arriving at agreements for example in: an agreed tax assessment, partial remission of tax liability and settlement.

The tax department of the firm follows with particular attention litigation, supporting the Client with highly specialized experts who follow them through all the legal steps, from: the writing of the appeal, gathering of documents; in discussion (drawing on their vast experience), in front of the Tax Commission, to the Civil or Criminal Court (in the case of Tax evasion crimes), arriving to the Supreme Court of if necessary.