Prof. Avv. Antonio Lovisolo

Antonio Lovisolo took his Hons. Degree in 1970 at the University of Genova discussing his thesis in Tax Law under Prof. Victor Uckmar.

In the academic year 1970/1971, Antonio Lovisolo entered and became part of the Institute di Science Economiche e Diritto Finanziario (Instute of Economic Science and Tax Law) directed by prof. Uckmar. In 1971, Antonio Lovisolo won a scholarship for young neo-laureates from the Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione (Education Ministry). He received a contract for 4 years with the Chair of Economic Science and Tax Law in the Faculty of Law of Genova University, becoming finally a researcher.

In the following academic years from 1980 to 1983, Antonio Lovisolo became a professor of Economic Science and Banking Law in the Faculty of Law of Siena University.

In 1991/1992, he taught National and Foreign Fiscal systems in the Faculty of Law of Genova University.

From 1992 to 1998 he was the Professor of International and European Community Tax Law in The Bocconi University in Milan.

From February 1992 till 1997 he was the Professor of Tax Law in the Economics Faculty in the University of Turin and from 2005 in the Faculty of Law of Genova University, Professor Lovisolo is the professor of the Master on Tax Law.

Professor Lovisolo is the co-editor of the review "Diritto e Pratica Tributaria"(DPT) and is a member of the Scientific Committee of "TAX Planning” and "Tributimpresa". He also collaborates with the principle Italian juridic reviews.

Antonio Lovisolo has been an eminent lawyer in the field of Tax and Civil Law since 1972.

He worked for an Internationally famous Tax Law Firm in Genova from 1971 to 2001.

In January 2001, he moved to Via Roma in Genova, organizing a new office with old collaborators and young lawyers, also chosen from his best university degree students.

In the course of his working life Professor Lovisolo has dealt with many important problems: from establishing the revenue of Banks to those of the Banking Foundations and National and International taxation of the major Italian Groups with particular interest in the problems of setting up their permanent establishments, to the problems of the deductible tax of the administrative fines dismissed in the European Community Courts, to the taxes of small and medium companies dealing with IVA, both Internationally and in the European community, dealing with Customs problems,(in particular with the origin of goods).

It should be noted that Professor Lovisolo successfully defended Ecotrade, in front of the Corte di Giustizia and the sentences n. C-95/07 e C-96/07 are fundamental in the discussion of the problems in the detraction of IVA in National and European Community situations.

Languages: Italian & French