Avv. Alessandra Piccardo

Alessandra Piccardo took her Hons. Law degree in the University of Genova with her thesis in Tax Law "La riforma del Processo Tributario" (The reform in Fiscal proceedings) in 1992 and was called to the Bar of Genova in 1996.

After taking her degree she has dedicated her time to research, specializing in Tax Law through continual study and contacts with University Professors and experts in the field.

Since 1992 Alessandra Piccardo has written for the review "Diritto e Pratica Tributaria" directed by Victor Uckmar, specializing in the different types of methods of assessment of Income ,Tax litigation, refunds, and controls. She became an editor of the review in 1998.

In 2006 Alessandra Piccardo was a speaker in the seminar "Seminario di Studi su Questioni attuali, sostanziali e processuali di Diritto Tributario" organized by the Commissione Tributaria Regionale Liguria, the Associazione Laureati della Facoltà di Economia di Genova and the Associazione Nazionale Magistrati Tributari. She spoke about “ The problems arising from Bank controls, both on the profile of the evolution of legislation and a series of jurisdictional cases”. This was published in the "Diritto e Pratica Tributaria" (n. 1/2007).

The collaboration with Prof. Avv. Antonio Lovisolo, which began in 1998, allowed Alessandra Piccardo to consolidate her knowledge and to specialise in International and National Tax Law offering valid assistance both to private persons and important companies as well as those operating in the Banking and Insurance fields.

Alessandra Piccardo’s vast experience in discussion with the Tax Administration in Litigation has permitted her to develop a intuitive sensibility and therefore she is able to advise the client on the best defence strategy.

Languages: Italian, English & French.