The Firm was founded in January 2001 by Prof. Avv. Antonio Lovisolo who, after thirty years in a world famous legal tax firm and important results in various Universities in Italy, specialized in Tax Law, decided to open his own office in Via Roma 3, Genova, where he went with collaborators who joint him in the new project.

Following this tradition, born in one of the most prestigiuos law traditions, Lovisolo & Partners has continiues to offer its services in the growing legal market.

During its development, the Law Firm has connected the traditional capicities to the innovations through the arrival of other experts in diverse fields from the orginal tax speciality. This allows the Firm to offer assistance to the Clients in various subjects according to their needs.

The Firm is able to guarantee competence, speed, high quality of the professional contribution and costant control of the services provided, all this with over thirty years experience.

Lovisolo & Partners, today, is a well known Italian Law Firm with a vast experience in Tax and Civil Law, in both International and National fields.

We can offer our services in English, French, Spanish, German, Rumanian, Hungarian and, of course, Italian.