Tax Laws for Companies and Fiscal Planning

Tax Laws for the setting up of Companies

The Tax department deals with all the tax problems for the setting up of a new company from the very beginning.
This allows the Firm to study the type of company, licence, tax regime, possibility to find financing, contributions or incentives to help the client make the best choice.

Extraordinary Business Operations

The Tax department of Lovisolo & Partners assists their clients in Extraordinary Business Operations such as the Transfer of ownership of the company without payment, Fusions, Acquisitions, Divisions and changes, though a careful analysis of the objectives and specific and technical assistance in the Tax field with “due diligence”.
The vast experience of the Firm allows the client to choose the right profile in every single operation.

Agreements, Joint Ventures / Partnerships / Permanent Establishments

Our experts assist the clients to reach agreements in National and International Joint Ventures and Partnerships, helping to set up a Permanent Establishment (be it material or personnel) in Italy or abroad.

Fiscal Planning

The Tax department assist in the Fiscal planning, both National and International, studying the structure of the company and the possibilities to reduce taxes, optimizing cash flow, creating and developing new juridical subjects or Holdings abroad, studying and comparing the contract and tax obligations of the different companies, with maximum attention to cost/benefits, optimizing tax load, analyzing the location of revenue in fiscal paradises and double taxation both National and International.