Banking Law

The vast experience of Banking Law allows Lovisolo & Partners to assist Credit groups, Property groups, Investment Groups and other important companies operating in the Finance field, particularly in the setting up of companies and licence to offer services.

The firm also acts as Consultants for all problems connected to Banks and Finance companies, including the setting up of Branch offices, the drawing up of all documents to be presented to The Banca d'Italia, the Consob and the Ufficio Italiano Cambi, as well as the drawing up and revision of contracts for bank services, investments.

Lovisolo & Partners assist important companies working in the Finance field, in particular, those who supply credit to customers under the law D.p.r. 5th January 1950 n. 180 later modified (i.e. Assignment of one fifth of the salary or pension, in payment for the loan.).

The Firm follows every aspect of the financial contracts, from the handling and resolution of the operation, to everyday problems connected to the single cases.

In this specific field the firm works as consultants in the delicate phase of Life Insurance in order to cover the loan and acts in the case of litigation connected to the Loans. The activity of Lovisolo & Partners covers all aspects of company law in this sector.